Carrara Studio: Why to Buy

Carrara Studio is sophisticated software for animation and 3D modeling. Apart from being reasonably priced, this software has a range of features which prompts one to buy this product. Let us see some of the salient features of this software.


Carrara Studio has Rooms which are workspaces for specific tasks:

  • Model room for making objects and editing them
  • Assemble room, where you assemble the various objects in your scene
  • Storyboard room, where you can view scenes in the form of a filmstrip without rendering the animation
  • Texture room, for creating and editing textures in the scene 
  • Render room, where you can make the final version of your scene into an animation or a picture which is static

Simple and Customizable User Interface

The user interface of Carrara Studio is very user friendly, which makes your workflow quick and simple. The tool bars and menu buttons are well placed and screen does not look crowded, and you can also customize it to suit your preferences. On the left, right and from the bottom of the screen, you can pull out trays which are the Browser, Sequencer and Properties trays. The sliding trays provide a convenient way of freeing up space in your work area when they are not required.

Multiple Format Exports

Carrara can export your work in a various formats like 3DS, OBJ, VET, W3D, 3DMF, VRML, DXF, CAE and FBX. This makes it a versatile application as you can further process your work in other software, like for game development and so on.