Capture NX2: The Correction Tools

Capture NX2 by Nikon is powerful software for quick photo editing. The correction tools are based on U Point technology, which provides better editing of chosen areas in the image without affecting any of the overall aspects of the image.

Control Points

Control Points provide greater flexibility while editing selected parts of an image without disturbing the surrounding areas, even when you choose an area which is sharing the same parameters. Each control point has an easy slider control to adjust the particular parameter. With these slider controls, you can adjust the color saturation, hue and brightness of the selected area.

Selection Control Point is a new tool which lets you apply enhancements and effects to selected areas with just a click. You also need not be precise in your selection as the tool is quite intuitive.

Quick Fix

Capture NX2 also provides a combination of correction tools for overall editing of the image. These are in the form of slider controls placed in a single panel, with which you can adjust the Exposure Compensation, Highlight Protection, Contrast, Saturation and Shadow Protection.

Brush for Auto Retouch

This brush tool will let you remove dust specks with easy strokes and will correct the area with matching tones and colors so that it blends naturally with the adjoining areas. This tool is also used to remove other cosmetic flaws like moles on skin or any scratches on the image.


The software provides four types of workspaces like Metadata, Browser, Edit and Multi-Purpose, which are convenient for different workflows. You can also switch easily between the workspaces without disturbing your composition. The layout of the workspaces is also customizable and you can save the workspace in a particular layout of palette.