Camera Raw: Adjusting White Balance

When working with camera RAW files, it's possible to make a range of adjustments. It's quite simple to adjust the white balance of photos to make them look much better. Even the most professional photographers will want to make adjustments to their photos so that they look much nicer.

White balance means the color balance. These adjustments can change the balance in the whole picture, which makes it a very important setting for everyone to understand. Fortunately, adjusting the white balance in RAW photos is very easy and the effects can be viewed instantly.

Reproducing Color

When you take a photo, the colors will be reproduced as closely as possible. The camera will normally be set to automatic white balance which works in most cases. However, if you want to take a photo with perfect color reproduction, then it will normally be necessary to adjust the white balance manually after transferring to the computer.

If you can set the white balance setting correctly in the camera RAW settings, then it is much easier to take perfect photos. By adjusting the white balance of your photos, you will be able to touch them up and make them look much more professional.

Setting White Balance

The white balance can be set manually on your camera. This, however, is very difficult to do quickly. It's much easier to take photos quickly and then touch them up and make them look better later. With practice it should be easy to make your photos look amazing.

Adjusting the RAW Photo

Open up your RAW photo in Camera RAW and then click on the white balance button. The easiest way to adjust the white balance is to use a test card of gray which is photographed in the same lighting condition. If you use this, you can open it up in the preview window and click on it to select the gray color. This will automatically adjust the white balance so that the gray is the correct color.

If you don't already have a test card, then these can be purchased online. It's important to buy one rather than print one out because the colors need to be perfect. They are available in many different prices from $30 to $400 depending on the quality. Taking a test card photo in the conditions can be difficult. You can save time by trying to photograph the card in a number of different lighting conditions and then use this to change the white balance.

Easy Way to Adjust White Balance

If you don't have a white balance, then there is also an easier but slightly less accurate way of adjusting the white balance. To do this, click on the white balance button and simply click on something in the image which is gray in color. This will also help to automatically adjust the colors.

Adjusting the white balance can be something that is very difficult to do. This is because the colors will look different at different times of the day and in different conditions.