byRemote Surveillance Center: What Does It Do?

byRemote Surveillance Center is a camera management and recording program. Unlike many camera management and recording programs, byRemote Surveillance Center is web-based, which means you don't have to install a large file on your computer. byRemote Surveillance Center can handle everything from allowing you to view live footage from your cameras to recording footage. This guideline will go over a few features of byRemote Surveillance Center so you can get a feel for what the program does.

Camera Support

If you are running a large business, then you probably have many security cameras. byRemote Surveillance Center supports an unlimited number of cameras. You will be able to sync all of your cameras directly from byRemote Surveillance Center so that you can monitor them 24 hours a day. byRemote Surveillance Center will record footage from all of your cameras at the same time.

Remote Access

You will be able to view your cameras from any location in the world that has a valid Internet connection. Simply open up any standard web browser and go to the address that corresponds to your copy of byRemote Surveillance Center. You can also play back recorded footage directly from the web.

Video Playback

The footage from your security cameras will be saved to a location on your computer for you. You can then access that footage whenever you need to because byRemote Surveillance Center supports immediate playback of archived video. You can even digitally enlarge the footage that was recorded by byRemote Surveillance Center. byRemote Surveillance Center also allows you to take JPEG still image snapshots of archived video.