byRemote Surveillance Center: Key Features

byRemote Surveillance Center is a web based camera management program. byRemote Surveillance Center is also capable of recording live footage. Unlike many camera recording programs, you do not need to install byRemote Surveillance Center on your computer to use it. To use byRemote Surveillance Center, all you need is a computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. Here are some key features of this program:

Motion Notificatons

One of the best features of byRemote Surveillance Center is motion notifications. byRemote Surveillance Center comes with a motion detector feature that you can enable when you are away from your home or business. If an object sets the motion detector off, you will be sent a text message to let you know.

Camera Support

Many camera recording programs are only capable of recording footage from a single camera. byRemote Surveillance Center, on the other hand, can record footage from an unlimited number of cameras at a single time. As long as the camera is a network IP camera, it does not matter what brand camera it is, where you have the camera located, or how you have the camera installed.


byRemote Surveillance Center makes it easy for you to review your captured footage at a later date. When you purchase byRemote Surveillance Center, you will indicate to byRemote Surveillance Center where you want your captured footage saved. byRemote Surveillance Center will then save the captured footage as movie clips to your PC or server. You can even control the playback speed and even take JPEG snapshots when you are reviewing footage that has been captured by byRemote Surveillance Center.