Bridge Software: Ranking RAW and JPEGs

Adobe Bridge Software can be used to easily manage all of your digital photos. This makes it very easy to find the images that you are searching for. Because of this, it is simple to find specific photos for important projects.

Viewing Photos

Bridge will display thumbnails of all the photos loaded in the application. Click the photos that you want to see and they will be loaded in the larger preview window.


When you are looking at the photograph, you can rank it easily by pressing and holding control and pressing a number key. Press a number between one and nine to rank the photo. One is the lowest and nine is the highest ranking. If you're using a Mac computer, you can rank by pressing the command key and a number.


Once the photos are ranked, it's possible to filter the photos that you can see. Filter the photos so that you will be able to see just photos of a certain rank. The filter controls can be adjusted at the right hand side of the screen.


It's possible to look through all of the photos in each ranked category and re-rank them. This makes it possible to whittle down the photos so that you can choose the very best one.