Blurring Objects in Video Studio Pro

When it comes to video editing software, the answer is Video Studio Pro. This great video editor comes with great video filters, such as trimming and multi trimming tools, non-destructive editing tools, special enhancing effects, transitions and many more. With a user-friendly streamlined interface, this program is one easy-to-use option for those who enjoy video editing.

Step 1: Quick Editing

Start by launching the application. To make quick edits, you can use the Smart Proxy option in Video Studio Pro for HD and SD content editing. This option adds transitions and creates animation effects. You can now proceed to the next step: blurring objects.

Step 2: Make an Identical Copy

Video Studio Pro allows you to add blurring effect to your project. Open your project and make an identical copy of it by right-clicking the video from the Timeline, selecting Copy, and clicking it down on the overlay track. It is best to line them up; this way, they both start at the same time.

Step 3: Menu Options

After you made the copy, right click on the Overlay Preview and select the Fit to Screen option. Next, go to the top menu bar, open the Overlay tab and select Video Filters -> All. A box with all the video filters will appear in the right of the video screen.

Step 4: Apply Pan and Zoom Filters

Go to Attributes options in the menu bar and uncheck “Replace Last Filter”. Video Studio Pro allows you to apply the “pan and zoom” filters to match attributes of the overlay video by copying the filters.

Step 5: Customize Filter

Choose the Cropping filter for the overlay video and select Customize Filter. Crop the frame down to fit the object. To get the moving path effect, simply insert one key frame and adjust the previous cropped area.

Step 6: Fill Color Option

Video Studio Pro offers great color options. Set the Fill Color to the desired color and click OK.

Step 7: Average and Mosaic Filters

Apply the Average filter from the Filters box to overlay video and click Customize Filter. Set the key frames to the desired Cell Size. Use Mosaic or FX Mosaic to get the same effects. For more blur effect, use both Average and FX Mosaic.

Step 8: Organizing Filters

Video Studio Pro allows you to organize filters in the right order with the help of up and down arrows from the Attributes box. First is Cropping, followed by Average or Mosaic filters, and Video Pan and Zoom filters.

Step 9: Attributes Options

Select the overlay video and click the “Mask and Chroma Key” option from the Attributes Options box. Check the “Apply Overlay Options” box with “Chroma Key”.

Step 10: Final Touches

Next, go to Similarity color box select the same color you have previously used for Cropping. Set the slider percentage to half (50%). Go to the Timeline and check results. If you want a sharp line along the blurred area, simply move the Cropping filter under the Mosaic filters.

Video Studio Pro is an easy-to-use video editing application which allows you to create fantastic video effects.