Benefits of RoboFolder Photo Organizing Software

RoboFolder Photo Organizing Software offers many benefits that will help digital photographers in significant ways. Maintaining a list of photographs in an easy manner is often a difficult task. Typically, you may have hundreds of different photographs that have hard to remember names. RoboFolder gives you the ability to rename folders, rename photographs and auto-rotate, while transferring photos and splitting RAW and Video/JPG files into unique folders. Here is an explanation of these benefits:

Rename Folders

This software offers a unique approach to help you effectively manage your photos by arranging them properly in a logical folder structure, which is easy to understand.

Rename Photos

If you want to locate your photos quickly and efficiently, you may find that this is easier if you name your photos in a manner that is easy to understand. This software has a flexible system that makes renaming your photographs very easy.


You can also use this software to rotate all your photographs in the right order. In fact, the rotation will not only be done correctly, but will be done quickly and without degrading any of your photographs.

Split RAW

You can also split your RAW files, videos as well as JPG into distinct and easy to remember folders. RoboFolder makes it easy to transfer RAW files into unique folders.