Batch Picture Resizer: Key Features

Batch Picture Resizer is a useful tool for anyone who has lots of photos. This means that the tool is perfectly suited for professional photographers. The software automatically resizes and adds watermarks to images in the list. This makes it possible to quickly and easily protect your photographs to prevent them from being used by anyone else.

Batch Processing

One of the most useful features with Batch Picture Resizer is that it makes batch processing easy. This means that you can create a job list containing many photos. Then, you can set the requirements and automatically adjust all of these.


The software can be used to add watermarks into the images. These watermarks are a useful way of protecting your images and preventing them being copied. This makes it easy to enforce copyright restrictions in images. It also means that it's possible to add information about the images.


This software also makes it possible to resize large batches of images. This makes it easy to prepare them for use on the Internet or to include them as email attachments.


Batch Picture Resizer also features batch conversion technology. This makes it possible to convert all of your images in one batch. It is possible to convert between RAW formats, JPEG and BMP images.


The software is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows 2000. This includes the latest versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Just ensure that all of the service packs are installed correctly.

This software makes it easy to edit and manage large batches of photographs in one go.