Basic ACDSee Pro Usage and Understanding

ACDSee Pro is a useful photo editing application which makes it very simple to organize your photos. The photos are stored on your computer's hard drive, which makes finding them very easy. The editing features also make it possible to create professional looking photographs. All of the work can be archived and then automatically backed up to ensure you don't lose it.

The software is capable of some very good results even though it's not that difficult to use. Learning to use this software is very simple and shouldn't take long. One of the most useful features is the ability to correct the exposure of the photos. Understanding the useful features and how to use them will make it much easier to get the most out of the software.


One useful feature offered by ACDSee Pro is the organization feature. All photographers will have thousands of different photos on their computer. Finding these can be difficult. When using ACDSee, finding your photos is very easy because it organizes your photos automatically. It's also possible to customize the order of your photos to ensure you can always find them easily.

The software features sophisticated search tools. The searching tools search by the meta data, properties and photo names. This means that if you set the correct metadata description that it is very easy to find your photos.

You can assign the photos to user defined categories. This is very useful if you have collections of photos with different subjects or themes. This also makes it possible to search through the different categories with ease.

Accessing Photos

Most photo editing applications have catalog based browsing. This means that you will need to import photos into the application the first time you use it. However, with ACDSee, you are able to browse the folders on your computer in real time very easily. This has a major advantage because you can browse in real time without needing to import or scan for new photos.

Managing Metadata

All of your photos will include metadata. This is the information, including when the photo was taken, which camera it was taken with and even a description. It's possible to use ACDSee to change and customize this information. The tools included in the suite to do this are very easy.


There are many advanced editing features included with ACDSee Pro. This includes adjusting the exposure, geometry and color of the photos. Sub mode is used to perfect these effects so that you don't alter the original photograph. There is also a pixel level editor which can be used to add text, watermarks or captions.

Your work can be protected by adding ACDSee. The work can then be published or printed.

Publishing Online

ACDSee Pro also features simple online publishing technology. This means that you can drag and drop your photos so that you can share them with various online services. You can also register for a free account at the ACDSee website where you can upload your photographs and share them with other people easily. ACDSee also supports Flickr and ZenFolio. There are also tools which make it possible to use this to upload by FTP.