Automask 101

Automask is a sophisticated masking plug-in software for Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, Elements and Jasc PaintShopPro. This plug-in has precise masking capabilities and enables the user to complete projects faster. Here are some of its main features.

Global Density Mode

Automask offers a Global Density mode where the masking will occur over the areas you have selected simultaneously. There are several options for picking the colors, where you can choose between CMYK and RGB to mask the areas selected. You can also just pick a color from the background in your image and apply it as a mask.

Protective Mode

The software also provides a Protective feature where you can select a color which will not get masked. Suppose the subject has blonde hair which is spread over in thin wisps across the photo. You can select the blonde color as a Protective density and the mask you apply will leave this color untouched, thereby giving you precise control over your masking process.

Brush Mask

Automask has a Brush Mask tool which can be used in the Plain, Add and Veil mode. When the Brush is in Veil mode, you can work on transparency of certain objects and avoid getting the effect of a halo. In the Add mode, the Brush Mask acts for local density and you can move the brush along the subject's edge and automatically build a mask with a selected color. This can be used along with Global Density.

Automask has proved to be most efficient tool while working with objects having unmanageable silhouettes like wild hair, animal fur, foliage, trees and so on. The plug-in delivers precise masking with smooth edges.