Auto FX Mystical Lighting: Using Multiple Effects

Auto FX Mystical Lighting is software which enables you to add various lighting and atmospheric effects to your image. The software lets you control the various parameters of an effect and also lets you add multiple effects to the same image. Here are a few steps which show how this can be done.

Step 1: Select the Initial Effect

Open your image in Mystical Lighting, click on Special Effects button, and select an effect. For this example, we will first select Ethereal.

Step 2: Select the Area

Once you have selected an effect, you will see an Ellipse selection tool appear on your image. This ellipse can be moved by dragging it from its central point. To change its size, you can drag on the anchor points where the lines intersect on the outer line.

Step 3: Adjust Various Parameters of the Effect

In the left panel, you will see various slider controls under Ethereal which gives you control over the different aspects of the effect. The movement of the sliders will affect the areas covered by the Ellipse.

Step 4: Apply or Remove the Effect from Specific Areas

If you find you need to remove the effect from an area covered by the Ellipse, use the brush tool marked with a "-". If you want to add the effect to an area not covered by the Ellipse, you can use the "+" brush.

Step 5: Select Another Effect

Click on Special Effects and select another effect from the list. Now use the "add on" brush to apply this second effect onto the areas you desire. The icon for the brushes will change with each effect, but you can keep in mind that the top brush is for removing the effect and the one below it is for adding.