Auto FX Mystical Lighting: An Overview

Auto FX Mystical Lighting is a sophisticated plug-in for Photoshop and also a stand-alone application which lets you apply various shading and lighting effects and also weather effects to your digital images like snow, rain, mist and haze. The software comes with more than 400 presets and 16 different visual effects.

Mystical Lighting has a simple interface which makes it easy for even a novice to operate and create the desired effects. Here are a few of its outstanding features which showcases the software's varied capabilities.

Controlling Light and Shade

Mystical Lighting offers easy to use control of T-Path which lets you position and stream light across the image. The light can be adjusted, expanded and moved to the exact location for streaming. The T-path control has various settings for the light beam and atmospherics for added effects. The light which is produced in the image looks natural and blends effectively in the shot.

Creating Atmospheric Effects

Creating realistic atmospheric effects in your image is quite easy with Mystical Lighting. You can change the weather in your photo by creating the effect of rain or snow. The features of the software also allow you to combine effects like mist and rain and provide brush on/off tools to add or reduce the effects.

Special Effects

Mystical Lighting has 16 different visual effects which can provide immediate results on your images. The following are the 16 special effects tools:

  • Radial Light - This lets you add radial lights, rays and beams to the image.
  • Edge Highlight - This effect is for adding highlights of a subtle intensity.
  • Rainbow - This creates rainbow effects along a specific path in your image.
  • Ethereal - This is used extensively for portraits as it gives a softer look.
  • Shader - This lets you adjust tones and create shading effects along a specified path.
  • Fairy Dust - This is for adding stars, sparkles, twinkles, flares and light embers along a path.
  • Shading Brush - This brush is used to increase the shading or tones in the image.
  • Flare - This lets you create special effects for an alien look by manipulating light rays and creating vortexes.
  • Shadow Play - This adds shadows to your images which look real. You also have various choices of presets for branches, foliage and so on.
  • Light Brush - This tool is used for increasing the light and blending it in the space you want on your image.
  • Spotlight - This adds effects of spotlights on parts of your image.
  • Light Caster - This tool is used for streaming sunshine or light and creates underwater effects of light.
  • Surface Light - This lets you stream light through an object like glass or window pane and cast it on a scene.
  • Mist - This creates realistic fog, smoke or mist by brushing it onto your image.
  • Mottled Background - This applies various backgrounds to portrait images.
  • Wispy Mist - As the name suggests, this tool lets you brush on fog or mist.


Mystical Lighting provides many presets for various lighting effects which can be applied to the whole image, and there is a roll-over feature which lets you preview any of the preset effect before applying it.