Ashampoo Photo Commander: Version 8 Enhancements

Ashampoo Photo Commander is comprehensive software for managing, sharing and editing digital photos. The software has undergone changes with the release of version 8, which incorporates various enhancements.

Better Interface and Management Features

The interface as a whole has become more intuitive and faster, giving previews with much fewer clicks. The editing is much smoother with better zoom controls and full-screen options.

Photo Commander now has features where you can view contents of various folders and their subfolders on the same screen. Under the tab of Calendar View, you can now see the images in the folders you have selected, arranged according to the time and date. The view in Film Strip has gotten better, with a rolling thumbnail display under the Preview window. Thumbnails of videos are now clearly marked by an icon of a video camera.

Better Organizing Features

The software is now based on updated technology, which makes it much quicker to track duplicate images. Sorting has more options, where you can now sort photos based on the shooting date and by the date of creation of the file. The tool for Batch Rename got better with added options for removing the name in part, upper case, lower case and so on. The wizards for Calendar, Collage Tool and Batch Process are now also improved.

Better Editing

All types of editing have got faster with easy switching between different edits of objects. The quality of output is also much superior with smoother edges for lines, shapes, objects and curves. Better resizing features are able to generate good quality when images are made smaller or bigger.

Better Printing

The dialog box for printing has become advanced with various options and an interactive preview window. You also have automatic crop and scale options when the image does not fit onto the paper.