Artly There Compositor: FAQs

Compositor from Artly There is a fully equipped editor for images and has many filters to convert the image into various art effects. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding this program.

What Tools Does Compositor Include?

Compositor has a full array of tools for creating an image from scratch and various tools for selections and enhancements. The tools include Dodge, Sharpen, Burn, Stamp, Crop, Rotate, Clone, Distort, Magnify and many others tools and various types of brushes. Some of the tool icons will have a corner which is dark and this indicates many more tools under this main tool which can pop up.

What Effects Are Possible with Compositor?

The software has a huge selection of filters which makes various effects possible and they include Soften Image, Posterica Combo, Luminous Edges, Plasticize Combo, Aldo Fresco Combo, High Pass, Stretch Canvas, Drop Shadow, Melt Image, DuoWave Distortion and many more. Apart from filters, you can use controls to blur or sharpen lines, motion blur, Zoom blur, Flare and many more functions. Blending functions enable image sequences and movie to image blending.

What Are the Editing Features?

Compositor provides a history of up to 64 steps which you have retracted using Undo. You can save 32 snapshots of work in progress or interim pieces of your work. Preview capabilities include fading when you use Undo and also mirroring of effects in Gem Finder. There is control for balancing and separation of CMYK. You can achieve Luminosity Mapping, adjust Gamma levels, and control contrast, hue, saturation and brightness in each channel and coloration across 52 channels.

How Do You Change the Size and Resolution of an Image?

The Image Menu provides a Fast Scale option to adjust the size of your image. You can also directly enter the required size either as number of pixels or a percentage. Resolution is also controlled in the dialog box for Image Size in the field given for resolution.