Artizen HDR Software: Reasons to Buy

Artizen HDR Software allows you to edit photos and provides its own set of HDR toning features. It is a photo editing and enhancing utility that will allow you to perform different tasks all at one time by providing a set of batch processing tools. It is a utility that provides outstanding capabilities for those who are interested in image editing. Once you use it, this software will give you the same results as any of the more advanced desktop publishing software.

As soon as you start Artizen HDR, you will be confronted by a configuration wizard which you can use for allocating space and memory for all your tasks. It is software that offers standard tools for cropping, resizing and rotating images, and these are presented on a simple and easily accessible workbench.

Color Adjustment

This is an advanced feature that allows you control level of color in your pictures, and it also enables you to balance colors and cut down on noise levels. It helps in sharpening photos and controlling the level of exposure. A good example of color adjustment is when you want to convert a black and white image into a colored one and vice versa.

Painting Tools

These tools are very useful as they allow you to create unique and personalized designs with the help of a pen tool, as well as with a few other tools for designing. Once you have created a design, you can also fill it with various colors with the help of this advanced painting tool. In addition, this software also allows you to edit and enhance your pictures. This tool can be used to adjust photos and fix flaws in them, as well as to create more eye catching photos.

Save Images

Artizen HDR allows you to save your images in Web format with the help of simple DHTML functions. You can slice your images into different regions and then use your mouse to add or modify hyperlinks.

Tone Mapping

This is perhaps the most advanced feature and is used for controlling every different aspect of your photograph including saturation levels and levels of brightness and contrast. Tone mapping can be used to alter the dynamic range of your picture. It allows you to adjust areas on the photo so that you can reach desired highs and lows, and in this way it is possible to create a photograph with a greater level of detail in it.