Artizen HDR Software: Key Features

Artizen HDR Software is an image editing program that makes it easy to work with different formats, such as JPEG, +14 Digital Camera RAW files as well as HD range images. All this can be done with considerable ease and maximum efficiency. It is an excellent program that offers joy to hobbyists as well as to professional photographers. It has an impressive list of features, including a Free Image Editor. It offers Camera RAW support and supports HD range technology.

File Format Support

This software supports various file formats including ARTI, BMP, ATX, DIB, JPEG, TIFF, PGM and every other file format that is currently being used. It also offers support for Digital Camera RAW file formats including ARW, DCR, CR2, NEF, PEF, SRF and more.

Transformation Filters

This program offers excellent transformation filters that help with rotation, scaling, skewing, flipping and mirroring images. It also offers Panoramic-Link and has a host of miscellaneous filters including Curves, Replace Color, Add Vignette and much more. Artizen HDR Software also comes with sharpening filters, Orton filters, DeNoise Filters, hue balance filters, color balance filters, white balance filters and exposure filters.

HDR Tone Mapping

This software offers three different HDR Tone Mapping operators: natural, dramatic and display. It also offers HDR and auto alignment methods.