Artizen HDR Software 101

Artizen HDR Software is the ideal tool for converting a set of images to HDR photos. Apart from producing HDR images, the software has good photo editing features along with a RAW processor and also painting capabilities. For post HDR editing, the software provides many sophisticated tone mapping features.

HDR Workflow

Artizen employs two algorithms for automatic alignment of the images and also has controls for manual alignment. Even if you have encountered bad shooting conditions, the software is going to align your images effectively. For removal of ghost images caused by moving objects during the shoot, Artizen has features to remove such objects and people from the set of photos. The last phase of the HDR workflow is tone mapping, and here the software provides an advanced technology for Color Matching which will greatly reduce your post HDR edits. In addition to that, you have all the tone mapping controls for adjusting highlights, contrast, strength, luminosity, shadows and saturation.

Support for Panoramic Shots

Artizen supports the three main maps for panoramic photography which are Mirror Ball, Fisheye and Latitude Longitude. You also have options of four conversion techniques for making a panoramic image.

Format Support

The software supports many image file formats which include JPE, JFIF, JPEG, PNG, PFM ARTI, BMP, EMR and many others. Apart from the regular formats, Artizan also supports more than 15 varieties of RAW formats which include NEF, CR2, ARW, CRW, KDC, DCR, DNG and others. Processing of the RAW files is an integrated function in the software and provides the same type of tools which are used in the common formats, but can work directly on this data.

Advanced Resizing Features

Artizen HDR provides six scaling techniques which are ideal for different purposes like previews, downscaling with less noise, and for images which are text based.