Art Plus Digital Photograph Recovery: Trouble Shooting Features

Art Plus Digital Photograph Recovery, as expressed by the name, helps in the recovery of damaged photographs, videos and other file types stored or lost on your computer, PC or MAC. It is extremely useful in cases of accidental formatting of disks, like CD-ROM. It even helps in the recovery of files that are not recognized by windows. However, like all softwares, Art Plus too has a few problems that trouble shoot. Here are a few trouble shooting features of Art Plus.

Blank Recovered Images

When you try to recover images of normal sizes, but fail to open or the images are blank or black, it means that the USB connection is not working or has failed. You can try running the recovery again or try doing the same with another card. It is always best to be using the card reader when using the recovery tool.

Incomplete Files

This is the result of using a single card repeatedly over a long duration--the action of deleting and writing new images to the card. Although it is not visible to you, the card is filled with tiny image fragments, not recognized by Art Plus. However, this is not a failure of the program and the images here cannot be recovered.

Drawing Failed – Error

Most of the times, this happens due to the default viewers in Windows. Windows default viewers are said to have temporary problems at times. However, you can still try to recover the files using other viewers.