Applying Noise Reduction in Helicon Filter

Noise reduction is necessary for enhancing a digital image and is particularly useful when other editing, like color balancing and sharpening of the image, has been done by a photo editing software. Helicon Filter is an image editing software and provides a feature for reducing noise and can be applied in the following way.

Step 1: Open Photo and Perform the Editing

Initialize Helicon Filter, click on File and open the required image. Perform the required editing like auto sharpening and adjusting the contrast.

Step 2: Enable Noise Reduction

Click on the "Noise" tab and check the box "Enable noise reduction." This will apply the default settings of noise reduction of the software on your image.

Step 3: Advanced Tools

The noise reduction can be further enhanced by using advanced tools like the Noise Map. Before that, enable the viewing mode to double, by clicking on the icon or clicking on View and selecting Frames and Double. Now, click on Noise Map button in the right panel. This will bring up the map on the right side showing the image covered with red dots, implying the effect of noise reduction will take place on the whole image.

Step 4: Perform Noise Reduction Selectively

If you want to apply the noise reduction only on certain areas of the photo, you can take the help of noise Equalizer to make a selection based on color. Click on the Equalizer button, and you will see the color hues come up in the right bottom corner. If you feel the sky in your photo is the only place that requires the maximum noise reduction, then choose the blue color in the Equalizer and draw a peaked curve only in the blue area. You can also select different shades of blue by using the Color Ranges tool, which is accessed by clicking on the blue color in your image and choosing the options from the window that pops up.

Step 5: Save

Once you are satisfied with the noise reduction in your image, you can save the photo by clicking on the Save tab.