An Overview of Reshade Image Resizer

Reshade Image Resizer is an easy to use image resizer that is compatible with Windows operating systems. In addition to being an image resizer, you can also use Reshade Image Resizer to enhance your images and to remove photo defects. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of Reshade Image Resizer, such as photo enlargement, image editing tools and a user friendly interface.

1. Photo Enlargement

With Reshade Image Resizer, you can enlarge your photos and preserve the quality of your photos. You can increase the size of your photo 20 times while still maintaining the contour definition of your photo. Reshade Image Resizer allows you to perform photo enlargements at any zoom factor without having to worry about your photo losing its sharpness or detail. Reshade Image Resizer allows you to save your enlarged photos in most popular image file formats, such as BMP, JPEG and PNG.

2. Image Editing Tools

Reshade Image Resizer is able to remove defects and blemishes from your photos with a few clicks of your mouse. Reshade Image Resizer also comes with tools that can help you remove blur and refocus image edges. You can even use Reshade Image Resizer to change your photo from smooth contours to precise contours.

3. User Friendly Interface

You will love using Reshade Image Resizer once you get the hang of its keyboard shortcuts. To make resizing and editing your photos easier, Reshade Image Resizer allows you to simply drag and drop photos and settings. Reshade Image Resizer also has a full list of self adjusting settings so that you can make precise changes to the photo you are working on.