An Overview of ProSelect Portrait Studio

ProSelect Portrait Studio from Time Exposure is professional portrait software with an easy workflow that is quite easy to master. The software includes a variety of features and tools that will let you create your presentations, slideshows and montages in minutes.

Quality Presentations

ProSelect will enable you to create elegant presentations for your portraits and hence it works more like a tool for generating sales if you are running a professional portrait studio. You can immediately get a glimpse of how the portrait will figure on your wall.

Versatile Program

This software will let you run your business from this one program. From the time of taking the order to the time you roll out the final product, the software will handle everything. You can keep the details of your clients, make an order, take notes, and give a presentation of the final version to your clients. For each order, you can create an Album file where all the photos of the customer are stored, and then create a report for the order and get the album file ready for production.

Faster Production

ProSelect has a range of features by which you can make your production process much faster with a simple workflow. You can do the photo retouching as required in Photoshop, as many features of Photoshop are operational from within this software. Then crop to the required size and ProSelect has a module for making images in high resolution (which is fully automated). You just need to click on the particular button, and you are ready to print the images.