An Overview of Picture Doctor

Picture Doctor, as the name suggests, helps in correcting or recovering damaged files in different formats. If you have image files that have been corrupted due to usage of other software on an external hard disk, then this product can definitely be of great help. Here are some of its features and uses.

Basic features

  • It is a user friendly software tool.
  • It is an image recovery and correction tool, and it helps you to recover files in the JPEG and Adobe Photoshop or PSD formats.
  • It helps in restoring the corrupted graphic files to its original form in terms of dimensions and other settings. For example, you can even recover detailed information about the layers of Photoshop files or .PSD files.
  • You can create batches for files that have similar recovery necessities, as the picture doctor is equipped with batch processing.
  • Files that are restored are automatically saved in the BMP format.


It is known as Picture doctor 1.7 (photo recovery) and is the only version available. It is available online for download and takes up very little, about 0.9MB, of your disk space. You can even download it for free and buy it if you are satisfied with the product.


It may seem a bit unreasonable, priced around $99, but you can recover an unlimited number of files that may be important. Also, you get additional features like premium support and free update subscription for an additional amount of $10. This is a good product for offices that deal with graphics in architecture and other related fields.