An Overview of PhotoShine

PhotoShine is a software program that allows you to add your photos to different templates, and you can crop your photos to fit the different borders. This program is geared towards younger consumers or those who like to create scrapbooks. This program is easy to use, and even beginners will be able to quickly catch on.

Types of Templates

The PhotoShine program comes with nine different themes, and each theme has a different number of templates from which you can choose. These include themes like Baby, Magazine, Love and Girl.

To select a theme, simply select on the button for the theme, and then choose from one of the available templates. You can use these templates to create scrapbook pages or simply photo pages that you can print out. You can share these pages with friends and family.

How to Add Photos to Your Template

The first thing that you need to do is scan through your photos and then find ones with similar looks. Open up one of them to start your project. Then, scan through the templates to find one that best matches the feel of your photos.

Next, open up your photos and select the section of the photo that you would like add to your template. Just stretch or position the window over a piece of your photo. To add more photos, simply double-click the photo area in the template, and then follow the above steps. Save your work as you go.

Change the Look of Your Photos

Once your photos are added, you can adjust the look of your photos using the Adjust button, including manipulating the saturation, contrast and brightness. You can also rotate or resize your photos.