An Overview of Mosaic Software for Photographers

Mosaic Software, as claimed by the company, is a “Digital Asset Management System.” This means that it is useful in storing, classifying and archiving digital files that are either graphical or photographic, with simple and faster processing. Here are some of the features and how they are useful for photographers.

Key Features of the Software

Mosaic Software has a smart search that enables users to categorize and enter their own keywords, which leads to customization of this tool for future access. It allows users to create and save collections of their favorite files, while also sharing them with select people. The software stores the original high resolution image files, thus enabling clients to use them for different purposes, such as for Power Point presentations and websites. Users can also send their clients images and files as email attachments.

How It Benefits Photographers

This program enables photographers to create a portfolio of their work that they can share online with their clients. They can undertake sales assignments and projects from a large number of users at the same time. Also, the software provides a high resolution file system and enables photographers to watermark their files. Photographers can even allow the clients to log in and download the bought images. The software allows users to merge the system into existing websites, if they have any. They have control over what files are visible and to whom they are visible or accessible.

Purchase and Pricing

Clients can purchase the software to be hosted either on their own server or the company's server. Hosting the software on the company's server gives additional perks as mentioned on their website, such as server IT support, Internet hosting, offsite backup, unlimited access, downloads, telephone support and free software updates and upgrades. Since the software is customizable, the price differs based on the needs of the client. Overall, it is great software and helps to get and give access to the clients' work online, without them having to sort it out.