An Overview of Frame Photo Editor

Frame Photo Editor is a simple to use software system that helps you edit and decorate your photos--all with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse. Frame Photo Editor also provides tools to help with blending digitally shot photos with other pictures and/or photos. It also allows you to give your photographs a more professional touch through its special edging and framing effects. The software can also help you add cartoon pictures and flowers to your photos, which you can also title and caption.

Image Editor

This software has the ability to create more unique and attractive photos. With tools such as Image Editor, you get to use different templates that can be used in your existing photographs.

Framing Photos

If you would like to frame your photographs, you can do so easily and quickly. This software comes with a host of frames that you can pick according to your needs.

Masking Photographs

Frame Photo Editor also allows you to mask your photographs. This means that you can edge your photo or show parts of it on the picture.

Adding Text

If you would like to add some notes to the photo, you can do so and it is also possible to add flowers and image clips on to your photographs. This feature helps in decorating your photographs in different ways.

Editing Pictures

Frame Photo Editor also allows you to rotate, resize and adjust the color on your pictures. You can also add whatever text you desire and in addition, the software has tools that will enable you to change the photograph’s size as well as position.