An Overview of Faststone Image Viewer

Faststone Image Viewer is handy software for browsing, converting and editing your images. The program offers a lot of versatility as it is able to work with a multitude of graphic formats including a range of RAW formats. It gives fast views of EXIF data.

Viewer and Browser

The software has many viewing options including a range of zoom options for clearly magnifying your images. The browsing interface is easy to use and very much like Windows Explorer. For finding images quickly, there are many tagging options and copying and moving options for easy image management.

Editing Features

Flagstone Image Viewer can effectively remove redeye giving results which look natural. There are also superior resizing and cropping tools for getting the best fit in various applications. Adjustment of colors and adding color effects like sepia, gray scale and negative is quite simple. The editing has many levels of undo capability which can save you from costly mistakes. You can also create special effects on the images like a watermark, drop shadow, draw texts and shapes, annotation, framing and also create slide shows.

Converter and Printing

The software is capable of converting a batch of images to PDF files and other formats. For printing, you have advanced controls for adjusting the page layout and also can configure contact sheets.