An Overview of Fantamorph

Fantamorph, which is made by Abrosoft, is an easy-to-use morphing program. You can use Fantamorph to create animated effects, photo morphing pictures and much more. Fantamorph is compatible with Windows operating systems only. A 30 day free trial of Fantamorph is available, so you have nothing to lose by downloading the program and testing it out. Below you will find a overview of a few of the best features and functions of Fantamorph so that you can get a feel for the capabilities of the program.

Capabilities of Fantamorph

Many photo morphing programs that are similar to Fantamorph are only able to create morphed pictures from source images. In addition to being able to create morphed pictures from source images with Fantamorph, you can also create a wide variety of morph movies between two or more images. Fantamorph allows you to create regular morph movies, morph movies with additional effects, morph movies that utilize alpha images and much more. You can even morph pictures in sequence with Fantamorph. Best of all, Fantamorph takes advantage of hardware acceleration, which means you will be able to create your morphs as quickly as possible. If you are creating morph movies, you will see your results in almost real time, which is unheard of for many morphing programs.

Image Editing

Fantamorph allows you to edit the image that you are going to morph before you edit it. Similar morphing programs require that you use an external application to edit your images, which only takes up more of your time. Editing functions that you can perform to images that you are morphing in Fantamorph include crop, rotate, flip and much more. Fantamorph also comes with filters that you can apply to source images, such as zoom blur, smooth blur, oil paint, cylinder, sharpness, whirl and emboss. You can also use the caption tool in Fantamorph to add captions to the source image that you are working with. You get to decide the font name, color, size and much more of the caption that you are creating. To make your life easier, you can even import source images directly into Fantamorph without the need for a third party application.

Supported File Formats

One of the best features of Fantamorph is the fact that Fantamorph supports most popular image file formats. Of course, you can always convert images to make them work with a program, but you sometimes lose some of the detail and sharpness of the image when you do that. Popular image file formats that are supported by Fantamorph include PNG, BMP, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, GIF, TGA and much more. When you are exporting the photo morph that you have created, the file formats that you can save the image in include BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF and much more. Those are all popular image file formats, which means you will be able to easily share your photo morph with your friends and family.