An Overview of Cyberlink MediaShow

CyberLink MediaShow is a wonderful application which can be used to share your photos and videos with your friends. This has many useful features, which makes it possible to get the most out of your photos.


CyberLink MediaShow has a wide range of different tools which can touch up and improve the photographs and videos. These touch ups can be applied with a single click. This ensures that all of your photos and videos will look the best that they possibly can.

Memorable Slide shows

Your still photos can be converted into a slide show. It's easy to add animations, text and transitions. The sideshows can be created using templates which makes it very easy to quickly create a slideshow.

Smart Face Tagging

A unique feature offered by MediaShow is face tagging. This will help you to organize photos by grouping photos together which have the same people in them. This can also apply automated tags to your photos which speeds up the process.   

Fast Video Conversion

The software also features very quick video conversion. Normally, converting between video formats is very time consuming. This software can speed up the process by up to 10 times. This puts your computers CPU and GPU to their full use. It's optimized for use with NVIDA, ATI and Intel chipsets.


Perhaps the best feature of MediaShow is that it's very easy to use. This provides you with a number of very useful tools which can be used to edit and improve videos. You can apply themes to the videos with 12 different templates.


MediaShow also has a number of tools which can be used to share your photos and videos on the Internet. Your photos can be uploaded directly to a number of online services including Flickr and Facebook. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Burning Video Discs

You can also use MediaShow to burn the photos to a CD or DVD. This ensures that you will always be able to keep them safe and sound no matter what happens to your computer. Burning a Video DVD or CD makes it easy to create a slideshow which can be enjoyed on your TV.