An Overall Look at Photo Collector

Photo Collector can be used to organise and keep track of all your photographs. This makes the software ideal for use by professional photographers who want to catalog all of their photos. By using this software you will find it very simple to keep track of all your photos without risking losing any.

Easy to Use

The software takes all of the hard work out of cataloging your photographs. This does the process automatically. The software will scan through your computer looking for images. These images will then be added to the database of images on your computer.


All of the important image properties will be recorded. This includes the format, width, size of the file and image type. This should make it easy to choose exactly which image you want to choose to use.


The software makes it very simple to organize and keep tabs on all of your photos. Captions, keywords and notes can be added to each photo. It's then very easy to find the images that you want to use by searching for any of the terms. This makes it possible to find any image, even ones that you have forgotten about.

As long as relevant keywords and descriptions are used then it should be easy to find all of these images.