An Overall Look at inAlbum

inAlbum, which is made by IncrediTools, is a program that can help you create animated photo shows. inAlbum allows you to combine both photos and videos when you are making animated photo shows. The user friendly interface in inAlbum allows you to create animated photo shows by simply dragging and dropping your media into the program. inAlbum is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Here is a brief overview of a few of the key features of inAlbum so you can get an idea for what the program is capable of doing.


inAlbum comes with over 300 templates that you can use when you are creating your photo shows. Of course, you can create your own templates. However, if you are in a rush, simply select a template and begin creating your animated photo show. All of the templates that come with inAlbum are professionally designed and free to use. inAlbum even updates their website with new templates that you can download at no cost on a regular basis. The templates that are included with inAlbum feature matching backgrounds, photo frames, buttons, fonts and much more. inAlbum has templates for many special events, such as weddings, birthdays, celebrations and holidays.

Photo Show Sharing

You will love inAlbum if you are looking to share your photo show with your friends and family. inAlbum supports Facebook, which means you can upload your photo show to Facebook directly from the program. inAlbum can even help you upload your animated photo show to YouTube with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can transfer your animated photo show to those devices without the need for any external applications. inAlbum also provides support for the PSP, Zune and most 3G supported mobile phones. Of course, inAlbum can also help you email and/or print your animated slideshow with ease. You can even set the animated slide show that you created in inAlbum as your wallpaper or screensaver on your Windows computer.

Photo Show Decoration

In addition to coming with templates that you can choose from, inAlbum comes with over 600 clipart that you can use to customize your photo show. All of the clipart that is included with inAlbum is professionally designed and animated. inAlbum comes with everything from music to sounds to speech bubbles. You can even record your own voice and apply special effects to it with inAlbum. If you are looking to create your own clipart, simply import any animated GIFs, Flash movies or transparent PNGs or WMFs that you have directly to inAlbum. inAlbum also allows you to import your own images that you can use to create slide transitions, frame styles, photo effects and colors. inAlbum even comes with over 140 free music tracks that you can attach to the animated photo show that you are creating.