An Overall Look at Image Comparer

Image Comparer from Bolide Software is a program for finding duplicate image files. It is the ideal solution when you have a large photo collection and need to find all the duplicate photos which take up space on your system. Apart from duplicate photos, the software can also track sets of photos which have a similarity in different degrees.

Superior Tracking of Duplicates

Image Comparer works on a superior technology which does not depend only on file name, size, format or bit depth to find similar photos. It has a photo analysis and recognition capability which makes it possible for you to even set the level of similarity you need to find among your photos. The software is also able to identify similar photos which have been rotated or have been shot under varying shooting conditions. The algorithm used to track photos is based on content comparison, and hence has a high level of accuracy.

Similarity Tracking

You can choose to filter your photos by setting a threshold for the level of similarity you wish to find. By default this setting is at 95%, and you can change it according to your requirements. There is also an automatic function by which similar photo files are checked according to their quality and separated.

Supported Formats and Organizing Capabilities

The software supports formats like JPEG, RAW, TGA, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP and J2K. Apart from its superior tracking capabilities, the software also provides organizing features. Once the scan is finished, you get an efficient comparison list. You are given a list of 10 photos which are most similar to the selected photo. These photos can be viewed in pairs. You have a checkbox by each which you can select for deleting, copying or moving to another folder. Image Composer also has a thumbnail previewer which makes it easy for you to view your photos quickly and decide which ones you need to keep.