An Introduction to Free Morphing Techniques and Software

Free morphing techniques can be used to create interesting transitions between photos. Morphing is where one photo is morphed into another. All of the characteristics of the photo appear to change into the other. These effects are very popular and you have probably noticed them in many movies and films.

Some of these software packages can also be used to stretch images to make people look thinner or fatter than they really are. It can also be used to make different facial features bigger including your nose. There are some commercial packages that can be used to apply these effects, but there are also plenty of free alternatives.

Sqirlz Morph

This application makes it possible to create an animation where a photo transforms into another photo. This can be used with multiple photos. The application runs on Windows and can save videos as SWF files, JPEG images and AVI video files.


This is another free morphing package which offers dynamic morphing and shape based morphing. This can morph a variety of files including PNG, TIFF, BMP and TGA. The finished morphed video can be saved in SWG, TIFF or MPEG. This app comes as a standalone package and also as a plug in for Adobe Premiere. A Linux version of WinMorph is expected to be released soon.

Xmorph and Gtkmorph

Both gtkmorph and xmorph use the libmorph warping system. This software can be used on both Windows and Linux.


This is a useful package which is an online service. This makes it possible to upload your photos and morph them online. The online program will create a still image in JPEG format which has the two faces morphed together. This is useful even though it doesn't create animated morphs.