An Image Doctor Overview

People love perfect photographs and with the help of Image Doctor, you can produce high quality and flawless photographs. Image Doctor is not a cheap program, but it is not cheaply made either. If you work as a photographer, even part time, then Image Doctor will undoubtedly pay for itself in no time.


If you want to restore an old photo, Image Doctor can help you do it quickly and efficiently. It can work to restore rips and tears.


Image Doctor can help you remove any blemish, from acne to a tattoo. With just a simple click of the mouse, you can easily soften the appearance of the skin. It is quick and easy to use. Image Doctor will even clean up cell phone photos and make them look great.


If there are large, unwanted items in your photo, removing them has never been easier. With Image Doctor, you can use the smart fill technology to remove anything from unwanted guests to trash from your photos and replace it with a nearby background pattern.


With the help of JPEG Repair, you can fix areas or edges that are not up to par. You can choose to select a single area or the entire photo for repair.

Who Uses Image Doctor

If you take photos, Image Doctor can benefit you. From the professional to the novice, anyone who wants to remove or repair a photo, clear up acne or fix a single hair that is out of place, Image Doctor can help them.