AMS Photo Effects Software: Reasons to Buy

The Photo Effects Software by AMS specializes in image processing through the application of one or more filters provided by the software. The usage of these filters is at the discretion of the end user, and they can cause a pretty dramatic transformation in almost any image.

About the Photo Effects Software

The Photo Effects Software by AMS is a strong alternative--at a budget price--to some of the more popular image and photo manipulation software packages. You can use the program to render a lot of effects like the addition of rain, thunderstorms, fog and natural or artificial lighting, all by a click of a mouse.

The effects module can be used to render and improve color effects, lighting effects, and traditional, artistic and distortion filters, while the composition module can be used to enhance the composition elements of any picture by changing perspectives. You can also add decoration items, frames and masks for added effect.

Why Buy It?

You can easily mix and match the tools mentioned above to create new compositions or simply decorate existing portraits, landscapes, photo albums or websites. This is available at a much lower price when compared to other premium image manipulation software.