AMS Photo Effects Software: Key Features

AMS Photo Effects software is a program with many filters that enables you to totally transform the look of your image. The software also has the basic photo editing features to enhance your images like adjusting brightness, color composition, contrast and size. As the name suggests, you can apply various effects and also combine them to create unique compositions. Effects can be applied to the whole image and also to specific parts of the photo. The program has three main tabs: Effects, Decoration and Composition, which are also its key features.

Various Effects

The software provides 50 effects which cover traditional as well as modern themes. These are divided into five groups which deal with color, light, artistic, traditional and distorting effects. With these effects, you can add streaming light to your image or make it appear as though it is raining or snowing, among many other things.  

Decoration Features

Under the Decoration tab, you will find over 100 masks and frames categorized under Classic, Relief and more. These frames can be used along with other effects which you apply to your image.

Composing Features

The Composition tab gives you various controls to place your image in various positions on a page. This enhances the perspective angle of you image and you can add effects as though the photo is flying through air, or add shadows or make it glow.