AMS Photo Effects Software: An Overview

Photo Effects Software by AMS is one of the newest software solutions that specializes in image processing by providing the end user with a number of various filters. The filters are unlike the ones seen on other image manipulation software. These filters can potentially cause a radical transformation in the original image being fed to the program.

The Basics

The Photo Effects Software program is a powerful alternative to almost all image manipulation software by virtue of its strong inbuilt programs that provide more than 50 effects. These effects and filters (some original and some new) are instrumental in adding one click effects such as rain, thunder storms, fog, natural or artificial lighting.

The Main Functions

This software provides: color effects, lighting effects, along with traditional, artistic and distortion filters. Composition provides ways to include your picture in a composition by manipulating its perspectives and other effects, while Decoration provides elements like frames and masks for beautification.


Using the effects specified above, you can create compositions that are unique and beautiful. You can also apply filters to the entire image or parts of it. You can either process or decorate a lot of pictures at the same time too. The Photo Effects software will enable you to decorate your portraits, landscapes, casual shots, photo albums or websites in no time.

You can also combine the decorative elements with the filters to create stunning effects like adding realistic sunlight effects to a picture that has been modified by applying a beautiful classic frame.