Alien Skin Bokeh 101

Bokeh from Alien Skin is a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop, which enables the user to draw attention to a specific object in the photo. This can be done by adjusting the depth of field, focus or by vignetting with the software.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is one of the major aspects that can pinpoint attention on an object in the photo. Often it is the case that you are not able to get a depth of field with your lens, which is shallow. Bokeh offers advanced controls which are better than Photoshop's blurring options, to create a shallow depth of field with control over various aspects like softness and smear.  

Lens Optics Simulation

Bokeh provides controls by which you can simulate the effects of specialized lenses like a tilt-shift or fast lenses. This lets you create a variety of special effects especially giving the aperture various shapes.


Bokeh has a large range of vignettes which can be applied to your shots, and also you can greatly reduce the saturation of color in area of vignette. You can also do vignetting to an area other than the blurred portion.

Controls and Editing

There are quite a lot of presets in all the aspects the software has to offer. The controls are mainly slider type, which makes it easier than figuring out a value. All editing can be non-destructive, which helps a great deal in the workflow. The software can be used as a filter in Photoshop.