Album Express: An Overview

Album Express is a useful tool for any photographer who wants to showcase his photographs. There are many different methods which can be used to display your photos. However, some of these are quite difficult to use. Album express makes it very simple to create online photo albums.

What Is It?

Album Express makes it very simple to create professional looking photo albums. This is a very easy app to use, as it features a wizard interface which will guide you through all of the processes. Album Express is designed by Fookes Software. This is the same company which develops NoteTab text editor software.

Displaying Photos

There are a number of different ways which you can use the software to display your photos. You can create a slide show, catalog, or build an online image database which can be searched through easily.


This application can be used on any Windows based computer. This includes the latest version of Windows 7.

Easy to Use

Anyone will be able to use album express regardless of their computer skills. You simply need to follow the instructions to create the slide show or online photo album.

The photos can then be easily uploaded to the Internet by following the simple instructions.