Aimetis Symphony Surveillance Software: Key Features

Aimetis Symphony is one of the best surveillance software programs on the market. It is a software solution that is well known for its video management and analytics options. Also, it offers superior features like advanced alarm management, system integration and the open IP video platform. These features are compelling reasons to buy the Aimetis Symphony. The following is a more detailed look into more of the great features of this software.

Open Platform

One of the best features about the Aimetis Symphony is that it is platform independent and can be installed on standard IT hardware. It also supports almost any camera and encoder specification from just about any manufacturer. The Aimetis Symphony also features a rich API to enable and provide for third-party software and system integration.

Unhindered Scalability

The Aimetis Symphony also features almost limitless scalability. It can be easily hooked up to a server farm with each server supporting a very high camera density. Another good feature is the ability to virtualize servers for more efficient functioning. Also featured is the support for Microsoft Active Directory.

Smart Search

The Aimetis Symphony features quick and smart searching options that eliminate the need do scour through hours and hours of recorded video footage. You can easily find out a specific event with pinpoint accuracy and set searches by location, activity and time by simply browsing through snippets in a matter of seconds.


This is perhaps the most compelling feature of the Aimetis Symphony surveillance software. Aimetis Symphony provides business intelligence reports on demand and can easily provide data on vehicle and people count, traffic flows, dwell times, occupancy times and rates, and alarm counts.