Aimetis Symphony Surveillance Software: An Overview

Aimetis Symphony surveillance software is the answer to the current video data explosion. Organizations are creating more and more video data at an unprecedented rate. Most of this is currently unstructured content and the management of this video content is at best termed as arbitrary and time consuming. The Aimetis Symphony is changing the way the organizations capture and use video. The following is an overview of the software.

Open Architecture

The Aimetis Symphony is a standards based, open architecture product that offers unprecedented flexibility by allowing the end user to migrate from an analog camera to IP surveillance, integrated security management and intelligent video management in one shot.

The open architecture enables the Aimetis Symphony to not need any proprietary systems. It can run on any commercial off the shelf computer system and creates a unified platform for all your hybrid environments. It also adapts to multiple compression technologies.


Aimetis Symphony allows almost unlimited scalability by hooking up thousands of cameras to a server and then adding more storage servers. One can also configure specific storage levels for individual cameras that may include network sharing and storage.


Aimetis Symphony allows three surveillance options: web, workstation and mobile. This allows around the clock accessibility from almost anywhere in the world.

The interface is simple to use and navigate. The program provides a dynamic sitemap that allows the users to switch between areas and campuses and access any camera on the network within seconds. Aimetis Symphony is a one-stop solution to all your video surveillance and management needs.