Advanced Photo Layouts with Fotofusion Extreme

Fotofusion Extreme is an easy to use photo layout program that is made by LumaPix. This guideline will go over a few of the advanced photo layouts that you can easily create with Fotofusion Extreme, such as wedding albums, wall mounted portraits and senior portraits. Fotofusion Extreme is only available for Windows operating systems.

1. Wedding Albums

Fotofusion Extreme makes it easy for you to create wedding albums because the program comes with an entire catalog of advanced wedding album styles. If you want to, Fotofusion Extreme also allows you to create your own custom wedding album templates. To keep your client informed of your process, Fotofusion Extreme even comes with a feature that allows you to send watermarked proofs to your client through email or via a web gallery.

2. Wall Mounted Portraits

Many photo layout programs will cause your photos to lose their sharpness and detail when you enlarge them. That won't happen with Fotofusion Extreme thanks to its top of the line rendering features. Fotofusion Extreme can produce wall mounted portraits at any size. It will take you only a few minutes of your time to create a beautiful 24 inch by 36 inch portrait with Fotofusion Extreme.

3. Senior Portraits

Fotofusion Extreme makes it easy for you to create custom portrait templates for each and every one of your high school or college senior clients. Fotofusion Extreme even allows you to add your client's name and other graphics to his or her senior portrait. If your client requests a large senior portrait, Fotofusion Extreme will re-render your standard photo size at a higher resolution to produce a beautiful wall mounted senior portrait.