Adobe Premiere: Panning and Balancing Audio

Panning and balancing audio in Adobe Premiere allows you to control the audio when a track outputs to another track that contains audio. Panning is the process of moving audio from one channel to another. When you balance audio, you are redistributing the audio track channels from one set of multichannel tracks to another.

Panning and Balancing Stereo Tracks

To pan and balance stereo tracks, make sure that you have the Audio Mixer open. You have two options for panning and balancing stereo tracks in the Audio Mixer. The first option is to drag the pan control knob or the value that is located below the knob. By clicking on the value that is located below the pan control knob, you are also able to enter a numeric value.

Panning and Balancing a 5.1 Surround Track

If you need to pan and balance a 5.1 surround track in Adobe Premiere, you will be using the 5.1 surround pan and balance tray. You will notice that there is a little puck located in the center of the tray. For purposes of panning and balancing audio, the puck can be moved anywhere within the tray. After you have adjusted the location of the puck in the 5.1 surround pan and balance tray, you will need to adjust the center channel percentage. This can be done by dragging the center percentage knob that is located directly to the right of the 5.1 surround pan and balance tray.

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