Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Title Window

Adobe Premiere is one of the best non-linear editing programs anyone can use and part of what makes it a leader in the industry is its ability to create complex and dynamic titles. It's easy to create amazing titles in Premiere. Here's how to do it:

Open the Title Window

Start Premiere and load your project. To open the title window choose "File"-> "New"-> "Title" or use the key board short cut control (command) + "T."

About the Title Window

The title window only deals with text and not backgrounds. The background for your titles is going to be transparent so you can easily place the title over video clips or still images. If you want a black background then all you need to do is place the title on a spot in the timeline where there isn't a video clip.

There are many sections in the title window with the largest being the workspace. Directly below the workspace is the "Text Styles" area. These are fonts that have already been created that you can use in your project. If you don't like the preset titles available or wish to modify them then to the right of the workspace is the "Title Properties" section where you can design your fonts from scratch. To the left of the work space are your "Tools" and above the workspace are more tools that you might find useful, like an option that allows you to see the background video that your text will rest upon as well as the ability to easily control if the text moves or stays still.

Creating Text

So now that you have a basic understanding of the Text Window it's time to start making text. There are two ways to start this process. The first is to click on the workspace area and drag your mouse to create a rectangle where your type will live. The second way is to double click any where on the workspace area and you will be able to type without the restriction of the box.

Once you see the curser you can select the font from the Font Styles area or create your own. To make any changes to your typed text just high light the text and then apply your changes.

Adding Text to the Timeline

Once your text has been created give it a name in the area above the workspace and close the window. It will be added to your bin. Now all you need to do is drag it from the bin to the timeline.

Moving the Text within the Frame

If you don't like the exact position of the text you don't need to reopen the Title Window. Just go to the 'Effects Control' tab in your project and change the clips 'Position' which is located under the "Motion" section.

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