Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Project Window

Adobe Premiere has a project window that helps you organize your files and clips for use in your work. If you know how to effectively use this Project Window, there won't be any more problems in terms of lost clips and offline material. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that files you import to your project window are merely references to the ones stored in your computer. So if you have an imported video in your Project Window, and you happen to delete the source file, the link in Adobe Premiere will appear as offline and thereby be unusable.

This is how you can successfully use the Project Window in Adobe Premiere:

Step 1. Open your project or create a new one. The Project Window should open where you can access your files.

Step 2. Create the necessary bins. Of course you can organize your files your own way, but often it is advisable to create bins or folders of your existing materials. You can segregate your different video materials, create separate bins for the audio and graphics, and more.

Step 3. Import or capture the files. You can import files from your computer, or using the capture window automatically have the files in your Project Window for use.

Step 4. Customize your view. You can view your materials as a list or as thumbnails. This will make file selection much easier and speedier. 

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