Adobe Premiere: How To Use the Monitor Window

Those who are working with Adobe Premiere will notice that you have a monitor window on the default project layout. Those who have worked with other editing software will be familiar with this tool. The monitor window of Adobe Premiere is a little more feature-packed and once you get the hang of using it, you'll find that it's highly efficient and effective.

Adobe Premiere's Monitor Window is composed of two parts. The left one is your Source Clip Monitor and the right side is the Program Clip Monitor. The left one is basically a preview of the source videos from your Project Bin. The right one shows a preview of what is already in your timeline. Here's how to effectively use your monitor window.

Step 1. Open the monitor window by switching to an editing workspace. You can do this by clicking Window > Workspace > Editing.

Step 2. To view your source footage, simply select it from your project window and drag it to the left Monitor Window.

Step 3. You can select the in-point and out-point of the video. You can also opt to mute the audio.  Now click on the window and drag the selected clip to your timeline.  

Step 4. Scrub through or playback your project timeline and view it on the right Monitor Window. 

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