Adobe Premiere: How To Use Keyframes

In editing, you will encounter the need to put effects and to properly manipulate those using keyframes. Learning the purpose of keyframes and how to use them effectively, can spell the difference between an amateur and professional video. In Adobe Premiere, adjusting and manipulating effects and keyframes are fairly easy. There are two ways to use keyframes, one is on the timeline itself, and the other is on the Effects Control Window.

When to Use Keyframes

Keyframes are necessary whenever you add an effect to a video or a clip. For instance, you want to turn your clip into black and white. You will apply the effect into the clip and through keyframes, indicate at precisely which points the special effect should start and end. If the whole clip has to be black and white, set the keyframe at the beginning and end of the clip. If your video should gradually turn black and white, the keyframe with that attribute should be placed somewhere in the middle.
Using Keyframes on Timeline

Step 1. Simply expand the video timeline window to show the keyframe options. These are tiny diamonds that you will find at the left side of your video timeline window.

Step 2. Turn on the Keyframe Option. Hover over the flyout menu, and make sure that Show Keyframes is checked.

Step 3. Scroll around your clip on the timeline. Everytime you decide to add a keyframe, just click on the keyframe icon.

Step 4. Adjust your keyframes. You can drag the keyframes to the left or right of your timeline. Dragging it up and down will adjust the opacity of your effect.
Using Keyframes on Effects Controls

Adobe Premiere is a very professional tool, and as such it allows you to customize practically every effect and movement you make. With keyframes, you can indicate where the effects will begin, how they will appear, when they will fade away, and more. Here's how you can use keyframes on the Effects Controls Window.

Step 1. Highlight the clip with the effects, and open the Effects Controls Window at Window>Effect Controls.

Step 2. At the right side of the window is a small timeline that shows all keyframes you have added. These come in the form of small diamonds. Click on a keyframe, and you will find the effects on the left side panel. Here you can control and customize the attributes.

Step 3. Adjust the keyframes. You can drag the keyframes along the timeline, you can also add and remove them.  One keyframe can also pertain to several effects and attributes.

Keyframes are a very useful tool for professional video editors. Here you can assign effects and customize them completely. Keep in mind though to preview the effect after assigning them. At first use, keyframes can be tricky to learn. Oftentimes you need more than one keyframe in order to achieve the effect you're aiming for. Once you get used to using them, they'll prove to be a powerful professional editing tool.

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