Adobe Premiere: How To Use and Set Up Your Video Settings

When you start a new project in Adobe Premiere one of the first things that you need to set up is the video settings. You want the settings in Premiere to match the settings you shot at, mainly the aspect ratio and frame rate. 

Project Settings

When you start a new project the first thing to adjust is the project settings. You want the video to be displayed in time code. If you're capturing the video from a DV tape then you'll be selecting which file format you want the video to be digitized in. Click "OK" when these are set.

Sequence Setting

The sequence setting is where a lot of video setting are made. You choose which file format you're editing with, the frame rate that the video was shot at and the aspect ratio of the video. It's important to have these match the same settings the video was shot at otherwise your video's quality will be compromised. Choosing the wrong frame rate will alter the motion of the video and the wrong aspect ration will distort the image. 

Once the settings have been created you can now edit your video without having to worry about quality being lost. Now, when you finish editing, make sure your export settings match.

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