Adobe Premiere: How To Use and Set Up Your Audio Settings

Adobe Premiere is by far one of the best video editing programs on the market. Users of Premiere often find truth in the cliche 'that the only limit is your imagination' because there is so much that this program can do. One of the most important factors in a Premiere project is the settings that you are working with. Here is how to set up your audio settings.

Step 1: Setting up Audio in the Project Settings

When you begin a new project in Premiere, the first thing to deal with is the project settings. Here, you can choose if your audio is displayed as Audio Samples or as Milliseconds. For editing purposes, it's easier to work with audio that is displayed as audio samples. This way you can have a visual representation of what you are working with in a waveform.

Step 2: Setting up Audio in the Sequence Settings

Once your project settings are complete, it is time to create a sequence with settings. The sequence is the timeline that will eventually become your final project. The main audio choice you have here is to create a sequence with 32kHz (12 bit) audio or 48kHz (16 bit) audio. This choice should be based on what settings the audio was recorded at. If you're unsure of those settings, then choose 48kHz because that is for higher quality audio.

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