Adobe Premiere: How To Trim Clips

There are several ways to trim clips using Adobe Premiere. The most common and most convenient is using the Trim-In and Trim-Out tools. You can also cut clips with the Razor tool. This is best if you want to cut out some frames in the middle of a clip. Whichever works best for you, these two trimming options are efficient, effective and easy to use. 

Trim-In and Trim-Out

Make sure that you have selected the Selection Tool at the right side of your timeline. Place your mouse cursor at the start or end of the clip you want to trim. Wait until the cursor displays the Trim In or Trim Out icon. Click, then drag the clip inwards to trim down. You will see the new end frame in your display monitor. If you don't want to affect the audio timeline, just press ALT before you click and drag. 


Scroll about the timeline and search for the starting point of the clip you want to trim. Select the Razor Tool and position the cursor above the cutting point until it locks in place. Click to cut the clips. Do the same with the end point of area you want to delete. When the clip is finally isolated, highlight it and delete.

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